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creative ideas

You order. We build.

Every customer is unique, and so is their watch. We’re keen to understand the individual’s requests, that is why there’s no third party, no middleman; only you and us. We only start building your watch after you order one.

Make order

How can I make an order?

1. Inspiration
View photos of completed mods and find your preferred design

2. Conception
Share your ideas with me
– send a photo of the modded watch you like to me you can decide to keep to the original design or make changes to it.
– If you already have something unique in mind, you can also specify the Seiko watch model and the exact parts you want for your mod. Select parts
– I will reply with the quotation and cost breakdowns.

3. Development
– For commission please make a deposit 5000 thai baht for make confirmation.
– After I got your deposit I will strat order mod parts to make it. It will take time 4 weeks.
– Bespoke orders are non refundable due to the time and costs involved in the process.
– When I finished I will test all functions are works and water resistant 50m,then send you the video.
– You make the rest payment cover the shipping cost , I will ship to you.

Come on in!

Easy to order 🙂

Jack Hypoxia

Customized & Personalized Watches
Consult the list of customizable parts

Jack Hypoxia
Custom Watch Service 

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